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Moody's Threatens to Cut US Bond Rating
Moody's and Enron
Moody's and Mortgage Crisis Meltdown
Who Owns Moody's?
How Hedge Funds Like Bain Profit From Bond Collapse
Drockton. Mitt Romney and the Collapse of Mormon Inc.
Drockton. Mitt Romney IS Goldman Sachs
Fed Gave Away $16 Trillion Dollars to Bankster Friends
Romney Pleased With TAARP and Fed
Weimar Republic's Million Dollar Lunch
Drockton. USA and Weimar Republic
Drockton. M&T Bank Chair Explains Crisis
Drockton. The Value of a Dime
Fed US Debt Holdings Skyrocket
Youtube Video Causes Riot in Libya. Only 6% Have Internet
Al-CIA-duh Backs USA Syrian Resolve
Terrorists Throw Support Behind Romney?
Adnan Kashoggi, Mormons and 911
Mitt Romney as Commander in Chief
Third Party Will Affect Election Outcome
Election Polls Show Obama Leads in Key States
Romney Has Worst Favorability Rating in History
Ann Romney Fails to Denounce Homosexual Marriage
Mitt Romney Supports Radical Homosexual Agenda
Romney's Link to Mormon Sex Abuse School
How Mitt Romney Brought Homosexual Marriage to Mass.
Utah 'Mormon Party' Endorsed Homosexual Activist
Mormon Church Appoints Gay Activist to Lay Clergy
Pedophile Prophet Bribed Mormon Politicos
Happy US Constitution Day
Who Were the Founding Fathers?
James Madison. Father of Bill of Rights
Alexander Hamilton. Federalist
The Federalist Papers
Without Social Security 42% of US Elderly Would Be in Poverty
16.6% in US get Food Stamps, Other Govt. Assistance
Mass. 47th in Job Creation Under Romney

Romney Admits He Can't Get 47% of Vote
Romney's Dismal Record on Illegal Immigration
Bloomberg: Today Romney Lost Election
Romney Says He will Ignore Palestine Issue
Romney Advice to Terrorists. Blow Up Chicago!?
Romney Campaign Borrows $20 Million
Republicans Disaffected With Romney
US Trade Deficit at 42 Billion per month
US Trade Deficit With China
Founding Fathers Funded ALL Govt. with Tariffs
Free Trade is the Death Blow to any Country
Boston Tea Party vs. Mercantilism
The Consequences of NAFTA
Poor Grew Poorer Under Gatt
Why Free Trade Devastates America
Free Trade Doesn't Work
Free Trade is a Threat to National Security
British Gold Sovereign .235 ounce pure gold
Canadian Gold Maples
Canadian Silver Maples
Morgan Silver Dollars
Peace Dollars
Mitt Romney's Pedophile Film
Corporations that helped Hitler
Mormons for a Nazi Amerika
Mormon Eugenics
The Devil and Bill Marriott
The Gulag Archiplago
One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich
Castro's Concentration Camps
Global List of Concentration Camps
USA and Indefinite Detention
"A-OK" Hand Sign's Occult Meaning
More Occult Hand Signs
Mitt Romney's Police State Contributions
Romney Fathered Fusion Centers
Romney opposes Constitutional Due Process
Romney Advised Homeland Security
Romney Built Mass. Police State
Eyre: The Power of Gold and Silver
Drockton. Radicalizing Political Dissent
Drockton: Patriotism vs Globalism
Mortgage Nightmare on Wall Street
Deutsche Bank Spanked for Derivatives
US Taxpayers on Hook for 291 TRILLION in Derivatives
Derivatives Project Tries to Save Retirement Funds
Write In Ron Paul Campaign Huge Success
America's New Slave Camps. Prisons
Romney Linked to $8 Billion Ponzi Scheme
Mormon Oil Murders and Mormon Mafia
Mormon Oil Murders II
Mormon Oil Murders III
Mormon Oil Murders IV
Uranium Bombs Require 90% Enrichment
Iran at 20% Enrichment
Scientific American. 90% Enrichment Required for Bombs
Israel has 100 Nukes?
Iraq and Operation Opera
Iraq and Weapons of Mass Destruction
Stalin's Paranoia led to Great Terror Genocide
Stalin's Paranoid Driven Purges
Stalin's Ukrainian Genocide Killed 7 Million
Paranoid Stalin Murdered 60 Million
Mitt Romney and Illegal Aliens
Utah's Mormon Compact with Illegals
Mormon Church has Huge Conflict with Illegals
Utah AG's Act of Treason
Mormon Church Backs Illegal Amnesty Laws
Mormon Church/Media Fight Prosecution of Illegals
Mormon Church and Illegal Compact
Mormon Marriots and NWO
Drockton Forced Mormon Leadership Changes
Romney's Immigration Lies
96% Receive or Received Govt. Benefits?
The 1% Made 93% of the Income
Bernanke Admits Fed  Controls Stock Prices
Utah Gold and Silver Law
AG Calls Bears Stearns Mortgage Bonds Fraud.
JP Morgan on Hook for Bear Stearns Fraud?
Citigroup to Pay out $600 Million
Offshore Banks and Romney's 14% tax rate
Does Your Bank Offer Offshore Banking?
Romney Won't Deal with Illegal Alien Issues
Mitt Romney Denies Mormonism
Great Depression to Devastate Mormon Finances?
Bain Lost More Money Than it Made???
Mormon Church spends $5 Billion on Luxury Mall
Mormon Mall Worthy of RICO Investigation?
The Coming Collapse of Mormon Inc.
Petition for FBI to Investigate Mormon Inc.
Coming Mormon Mall Vacancies?
SLV and Real Silver
Mormon Church and Secret Societies
Polls Show Romney Losing Ground After Debate
Even with "Toss Up" States, Romney Will Lose
Is Mortgage Probe Hurting Hedge Fund Romney Campaign?
Goldman Sachs Employee Contributions to Romney
Romney Donated Over 28 million to himself?
Romney. The Banksters Choice
8 Out of 10 Top Romney Donors are Fed Banks
Romney Disses Volcker Rule and Bank Reform in Debate
Ron Paul Would Have Destroyed Romney in Debate
Gary Johnson Responds to his POTUS Challengers
70% betting Obama wins (literally)
Obama Increases Lead in Polls AFTER Debate
Voters Don't Like Mitt Romney
Dumb Mitt Romney Quotes
How Romney Screwed Ron Paul in MA
Romney was Big Abortion Supporter in 2002
Mormon Dissassociative Disorder
Romney's Homosexual Spokesperson
Romney's Mormon Rapist Fund Raising Partner
Utah's GOP Mormon Rapist and the Elite
Romney States He is Pro-Abortion
Anne Romney Defends Mitt's Pro-Abortion Stance
Mitt Romney Declines Pro-Life Endorsement
Drockton. Right To LIfe Hypocrisy on Romney
Why Mitt Can't Win. Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics
Ron Paul Speaking in Utah on October 18th
Romney Vs. Ron Paul on Foreign Aid
Ron Paul on Iran
Romney's China-Iran Connections
Romney's Link to Death Squads
POTUS Candidate Virgil Goode gets A+ on Immigration Reform
Utah Governor Signed Illegal Compact
Romney Wants Amnesty for Illegals
Romney Million Dollar Donor Funds Gay Marriage
RomneyCare and FREE Abortions
Romney Behind Gay Marriage in Massachusetts
Utah Mormon Party Endorses Homosexual Activist
Romney's Link to Utah Sex Abuse Scandals
Romney No Friend to Traditional Family
Mormon Church Appoints Gay Activist to Priesthood Position
Mormon Proclamation on the Family
Rise and Fall of Bitcoin
Ron Paul to Speak at Utah Valley University 10/18
Jesus through Paul on Homosexuality
Truth About Planned Parenthood
Barbara Bush and Aleister Crowley
Who is Aleister Crowley?
How Mitt Romney Passed Gay Marriage in Mass.
Mormon Church's Openly Gay Leader
Woman Tells Tale of Mormon Mafia Woes
Over 1,000 Preachers Rebel Against 501C3
The 501C3 Muzzle on Ministers
Mormon Doctrine Opposes Wars of Conquest
Mormons Need More than just Lip Service
Drockton. Ministers Need to Speak Up
Eyre. Will World Succumb to Radiation?
Eyre. Is Netanyahu a dangerous Psychopath?
Eyre. Dangerous Foreign Entanglements
Washington's Farewell Address
Bryant. The Paralyzing Influence of Imperialism
After Building 5 Billion Luxury Mall, Mormon Church Cancels Missionary Bldng
Was Libyan Ambassador a Homosexual?
Romney's Gay Spokesman and Iraq Morality
Romney/Marriott's Vision of a Gay America
Mormon Church's Hanging Gardens of Babylon
Romney Turned Back on 911 Widows
New Romney Olympic Scandal
Should Romney/Mormon Church Financial Relations Be Investigated?
Did Drockton Force Mormon Leadership Change?
Mormon Mall Fall Guy?
Romney's Communist Chinese Stock Holdings
Romney Transferred Technology to Communist China?
Romney Outsourced Jobs to Communist China
Romney/Bain Help Communist China Build Police State
Romney, Russia and British American Tobacco
Chinagate Revisited
Drockton. Matt Drudge Covered Chinagate Tracks
Drockton. Drudge, Clinton and Chinagate
The Lippo Group and Communist China
Drockton. Jon Huntsman's Illuminati Ways
2012 Bank Failures Through September
Banks Can Now Freeze Your Money Market Accounts
Zero Hedge on Money Market Freeze
Drockton. Beware of SLV
Drockton. Why Your Stock Broker Can't Help You
20% Don't Use Banks
Billionaires Dumping Stocks
Foxconn's 14 Year Old Child Laborers
In-Spite of in-room porn, Marriott still Romney's choice
What is a SIMPLE IRA?
Roth IRA Contribution/Distribution Guidelines
Traditional IRA Rollovers/Contributions/Distributions
Retirement Savings Credits
Simplified Employee Pension Plan (SEP)
Bank of America Gimmicks
Pirates Guarantee Their Plunder Thanks to SEC
Citigroup Plays the Annual Report Earnings Game
Bank of America Ignores 54 Trillion in Derivatives Liability
Drockton: CitiBank's Luciferian Lottery
Drockton. ETFs and Derivatives
Google Flash Crash AFTER 20% Earnings Decline
Goldman Sachs Gives Employees 15% Raise
Google Down $50 per Share
Pending Cotton Shortage?
Microsoft Earnings Down 22%
Major Stock Crash Now Inevitable
New Rules to Favor Banks in  Mortgage Lawsuits
Hedge Fund Manager Pleads Guilty to Forex Fraud
How to Party Like a Goldman Trader
Romney Dirty Trick? Arizona Tells Hispanics Wrong Voting Date
READ! How Paul A Drockton Made his Clients a Fortune!
Who Is Paul A Drockton M.A.?
Drockton. Stock Market Always Corrects to Value
Drockton. Silver Vs. the US Dollar
DOW Falls by Triple Digits
McDonalds Posts Worst Sales in 9 Years
Chevron and Alcoa Lead DOW Sell-off
Techs lead S&P sell-off
Apple Down $15.00
Google Loses another $15.00 per share
Bad Earnings All Around
The 10 Worst Market Crashes
Drockton Book #1 Non-Fiction on Payloadz
1.1 Million Downloads of Drockton Show in September
Gerald Celente & Paul Drockton on 9/16/12 Intel Report
Popular Drockton Show Moves to Afternoon Drive Time
Paul Drockton Made His Clients a Fortune
Pre-Market Trading Report
Commodities Report
Global Currencies
What is a PUT Option?
Index Option are Derivatives
.45 Pistol Shoots Shotgun Shells or Bullets
AA-12 World's Deadliest Shotgun
XM-307 to be used For Urban Warfare
Urban Tank Training in Saint Louis, MO
Brooklyn Motorcycle Gang Had Cannon
Street Gangs Training for War
Does Your Neighborhood Have a Gang Problem?
Illegals and Gangs
INS Arrested 27,600 Gang Members that were Illegals
MS-13 a Sophisticated International Gang
Drockton. Fed's Stock Market Decides POTUS
Drockton. Romney's Predatory Capitalism
Drockton. Fed Caused Credit Crisis
Drockton. Stock Market a Sucker's Game
Silver Bullion vs. the Worthless Dollar
9 US Banks. 200 Trillion in unpaid Derivative Debts
Where Will You Be When the Derivatives Bombs Fall?
2012 US Govt. Report on Derivatives Exposure
3rd Party POTUS Debate Tonight
Drockton. US Govt. Paints Bleak Financial Future
Romney Fundraiser-Serial Rapist Found Suicided?
Bush Strategy is Back. Romney False Claims of Victory
Electoral Map Shows Romney is Losing Election
Sore Loser Trump Raised 118,000 for McCain
Post Ron Paul. Republicans Now Try to Disqualify Libertarian
Why Banksters Want Romney
Romney's Love Affair with Fed Banksters
Banksters Top 10 Donors to Romney
Banksters Done with Obama
Romney Supported TARP and Bankster Agenda
SHOCK! Romney Throws MS Victim/Cancer Survivor Out on Street?
Electoral Count Shows Obama Gains From Women
Women in Colorado and Florida Turn Backs on Romney
Batterred Romney Changes Campaign Slogan
Romney Resorting to Voter Fraud?
Divorce and Women/Children in Poverty
Women In Poverty Facts
Adultery the Reason for Sealed Records in Romney Scandal?
Lifting Gag Order Would Destroy Romney Campaign
Frankenstorm  Strike now 90% Probable?
New Mormon Bishop a Torturer in Chief?
Next Stock Crash will be Worse Than Black Monday
Horrors from Ukranian Holocaust
Stalin killed 25,000 Ukranians per day
Up to 10 Million Ukrainians Killed by Communists
Communists Hated Peasants/Farmers
Why Did Stalin Order Genocide?
Strategic Importance of Ukraine
The Globalist Agenda
Texas Homestead Law Protects Against Credit Card Judgements
Romney's Counterfeit Apple Store Doesn't Exist
Forget Popularity, Romney at 44% of Electoral Vote
Obama's Lead in Ohio strengthens
Frankenstorm Update
Banking Crash is Inevitable Says TARP Regulator
Citigroup Fined $2 Million on Facebook IPO
Obama Chances Now at 70%
Romney owned Voting Machines Controversy
Why Glenn Beck Shills for Romney
Frankenstorm Biggest US Storm Ever?
7.7 Canada Quake and Hawaii Tsunami
BBC's Pedophile Problems Worsen
Forget the Bill of Rights Says US Govt.
Anti-Sodomite Marriage Bills on Ballot
Stock Slumps and Lower Earnings
Banksters Fighting for Right to Steal Your Money
Was Nannycide Payback for Lawsuit Against Banksters?
14 Signs of Fascism
Earnings Reports Predict Massive Stock Correction
Romneyites Vs. True Mormons
The Utah-Mormon Mafia Exposed
Satanic Ritual Abuse and MK-Ultra
Jon Benet Ranmsey and Child Sex Slaves
Drockton. My Visit With Secret Service
Frankenstorm Update
Atlantic 'Sin City" Submerged
Hurricane Track
10 Million Without Power?
NYC Flooded Already
$8 Billion in Potential Property Losses from Sandy
Mitt Romney Opposed to Disaster Relief
Hurricane FED Cost 16,000,000,000,000 in audit.
$222,000,000,000,000 US Derivatives Liabilities Pending
Romney's Bailout Cost US $10,000,000
Ron Paul Rips Romney on Fed Reserve
Ron Paul Delegates Walked Out on Romney
Romney Losing Electoral Votes
Ron Paul Support Will Cost Romney
Ron Paul Electors Will Defeat Romney
Discussion: 'Hurricane Fed'. Drockton Radio 10/29
Utah Weird: Modern Mummification
NYSE Scheduled to Reopen
33 Dead and Sandy Toll Rising
Flooded NYC Faces Days of Darkness
Atlantic City Boardwalk Washed Away?
New Jersey Underwater
Martial Law in NYC. Looters Go to Internment Camps?
Oyster Creek Nuclear Plant at risk.
Gangs Use Twitter for Hurricane Sandy Looting Parties
Police Worried About Looting Before Hurricane Hit
US Spent $75 Billion on  Intelligence in 2012
Hurricane Sandy Event Map
Romney Flees From Threatening Budget Cuts
The Mormon Utah Illuminati
The Pledge to Write In Ron Paul
Stocks Open Lower
Mormon Mafia and Pat Robertson
Mormon Mafia and Pat Robertson 2
George Washington Vision
The Woman Who Predicted 911
L3 Communications Ties with Terror
Drockton Forced Lead Mormon Republican to Resign
Mormon Republican Editor Led Utah to Disaster
Mormon Editor of Church Newspaper No Stranger to Scandal
Mormon Utah and Satanic Ritual Abuse
Mormon Satanists at Large
Utah Earthquake Vision
Romney Getting Crushed in Electoral College
Devastated Sandy Victims Vow to Rebuild
Looters of New York City Running Amok
Chaos in New York City
Romney Would End All Disaster Relief
PIMCO Calls QE3 a Smokescreen
Indonesian Inflation Coming to the US
Verizon's Flooded Wireless Hub 
Co-Signers of Student Loans in Trouble
One of Two College Grads Unemployed/Underemployed
Romney and Wife Made 15 Million from Auto Bailout
Romney/Bain Profit From Chinese Auto Industry
Romney/Bain Made $20,000 per Laid-Off Worker
Mormon Mafia Saved the Federal Reserve
Drockton. US Govt. Report Paints Bleak Picture
Romney Leaks: Drugs, Blood Diamonds and a Cuban Mistress
VIDEO: Romney Exposed
Romney Supports Gays in US Military
Romney Supports Gay Adoptions
Romney's Pro-Abortion Stance
Romney, a Mormon Bishop and 911
Romney's Tea Party Patriot Act Farce
Jack Abramoff and the Mormon Mafia
Bush, Rothschild, Mormon Mafia and Barrick Gold
Barrick Gold & Mormon Mafia (Part 2)
Mormon Mafia Billion Dollar Gold Theft?
Rothschild and the Mormon Mafia
Mormon Church Shakes Hands with the Devil
HSBC Faces Money Laundering Fine of $1.5 Billion
Nevada Republican Arrested for Voting Twice for Romney
Florida Republican Gov Screws Dem Voters
Romney Campaign Behind Mult-State Vote Fraud?
In 2004, Vote Fraud Delivered Ohio to Bush
Drockton Right Again. New Huge Nevada Oil Find
Mormon Mafia Utah Oil Murders: Part 1
Mormon Mafia Oil Murders 2
Mormon Mafia Oil Murders Part 3
Mormon NWO Goals Divide Church Membership
BYU Welcomes the New World Order
Mitt Romney Owns Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck?
Phoenix Man Accidently Blows Up U-Haul Truck
Polls Predict a Romney Defeat
Final Pew Poll Uncannily Accurate, Romney Will Lose
All Paul Drockton Websites and Articles
Pathetic. Sex for Gasoline on Craigslist
Election Lawsuits Begin in Florida/Ohio
Social Media, Shills and Politics
Silver up 90 Cents Ounce, Gold $32 on Day
Celente. Expect Rush into Precious Metals
Sodomite Marriage and Other Ballot Issues
US Internet Attacks Plummet on Chinese Holidays
Article on Romney Mistress Gets Hacked
COMEX Silver Inventories Down 60% from 2009
COMEX Gold Inventories down 60% as well
US Commodities Report from US Govt.
Income and Political Party Affiliation
Insider Selling Report. Marriott, Qualcom, AFLAC
The End of the Republican Party?
Russian Sub 200 Miles Off US Coast
Paul Drockton The Only One Who Got It Right
Romney/Ron Paul Ticket Would Have Won
Romney Lost Big in Ryan's Home State
Romney Loses Michigan AND Mass.
Romney-Wall Streets 2nd Worst Bet
Bush Shills Discredited
Sodom Spreads Its Influence
Liberal Romney Follows Fathers Path to Obscurity
New Jersey Gov. Sticks Knife a little deeper
Ol Miss Riots on Obama Win
Looters on Wall Street following election
Now Mormons Kiss-up to Obama
George and Mitt both Snatched Defeat from Victory
Limbaugh and Clear Channel Discredited
Beck Blames God for God's Candidate Losing
Neocon Romney Shill, Matt Drudge Runs for Cover
American Banks on Crime Spree
S&P 500 Tanking Again
Stock Market Crash is Imminent (Starting)
Chi-coms Want More (Slave Labor) Factories in US
Loser Romney Pretends He's POTUS
Romney Shot Himself in Foot
Bush and 911 Revisited
Drockton. 911 and Hart-Rudman
Drockton. 911 PNAC Connection
Drockton. 911 and Operation Northwoods
Drockton. 911 and the Mormon Mafia
Index Options Foretold 911
Drockton. 911 and Stock Fraud
Drockton. Carlyle Group, Bush and Bin Laden
Patriots Should Rejoice at Republican Party Demise
University Study: Children of Gays More Often Abused
Stocks Fall 1% on Thursday, 2% Wednesday
Even NASDAQ predicts gold/silver rally
Not Another One! Bush Nephew Enters Politics
The Chinese 1% Facing Popular Wrath
Drudge the Disinfo Specialist
Petraeus Resigns as CIA head
Glenn Beck's Craziest Quotes?
Romney Shill Beck Calls Ron Paul a Conspiracy
Beck Said He was Sick of Ron Paul Supporters
Beck Claims Ron Paul Another Osama Bin Laden Terrorist
Beck Smeared Ron Paul for Romneyites
Glenn Beck the Tavistock-Romney Shill
Glenn Beck and the Goldline Scandal
President Glenn Beck?
Glenn Beck Just Another Truth Movement Hijacker
Beck Tasked With Destroying 911 Truth?
Beck Calls 911 Truthers Terrorists?
More 911 Truth Smears from Beck
Global Warming Dumps Early Snowstorm on Utah
California Suckered by Global Warming Law
California Opens Cap and Trade Market
How California Law Works
How California Got Shafted
Drockton. Karl Marx and Agenda 21
Louisiana Secession Movement
Petraeus Celebrity Stalker/Nutjob Harassed Others
Speaking of Nutjob Celebrity Stalkers...
How Romney Campaign Targeted Drockton
Loser Romney SNL Skit
Drockton. The Zombies That Walk Among Us
The Gettysburg Address
Arlington National Cemetary
Soldiers Last Letter From Afghanistan
Soldiers Last Letters from Iraq
Soldier's Last Letter from Viet-Nam
More Last Letters Home
Stories from POWs in WWII Prison Camps
D-Day on the Beach
Viet-Nam, First Days in Airborne
A Viet-Nam Chopper Crew Chief
Spotify. The Next Pump and Dump?
Drockton. 75% Stock Market Crash Underway
Stock Futures Down Again
Hostess Bankruptcy Twinkie Shortage
Bloomberg. Cashing in on the New Gold Rush
Huge Gold Shortage Looms
Rush to Buy Gold and Silver Just Starting?
Silver Performance Over Gold Will Be Staggering
Iran Stockpiling Silver
China to Surpass India as Top Gold Consumer
The Invisible Gold Rush
Tremendous Silver Shortages Already
Kiyosaki. Silver Will Be Worth More Than Gold
Kiyosaki. Silver the Indespensable Metal
Kellogg Fruit Loops Not a Smart Choice
Link Between Fruit Loops and Mental Illness?
Paul Drockton's Utah Earthquake Vision
S&P 500 Opens Lower Again
Mormon NWO Shills Tell Meeple to Stay in Paper Assets
Drockton.Precious Metals VS Stock Market
Secession Movement Good Way to End Up on List
Cleon Skousen. Two Trains. Two Tracks
Drockton. Politics of Hate and the NWO
RICO, Romney and the Mormon Church
Mormon Church Prepares for Economic Crash
911, Building 7 and Securities Fraud
Drockton. Bond Rating Fraud Increases Risk of Default
Why Bad Bonds Get Good Ratings
Municipal Bond Fraud?
Did Miami manipulate Bond Ratings?
SEC Ignores Ratings Fraud?
SEC Can Ignore Freedom of Info Requests Legally
Money Market Freezes and National Banks
Derivatives Could Cause Money Market Freeze
SEC Failed to Reform Money Market Funds
Sub-Zero Rates Would Freeze Money Markets
The $560 Billion Fiscal Speed Bump
Drockton. FDIC in Serious Trouble
Fed  Gave Away $16 Trillion to Foreign Banks
Pentagon Lost 2.3 Trillion Dollars
Bush Family and $1.4 Trillion S&L Scandal
Results of Ron Paul Federal Reserve Audit
Dollar Decline Accelerates
Joel Skousen the Dollar Disinfo Guy
Life in the Weimar Republic
Rich Dad, Poor Dad on Hyper-inflation
Drockton. Building 7 and Securities Fraud
Corporate Annual Financial Statement Fraud
FBI Corporate Fraud Report
Olympus. A Financial Fraud Case Study?
Dell Computer Financial Fraud
SEC Actions for Week of 11/16/12
FINRA Takes Action  on Limited Partnership Fraud
AMGEN vs. Ct. State Teachers Retirement System
Bank of New York Mellon $24 Million Fine
Did Congress Kill Hostess?
Hostess Execs Voted Themselves 300% Pay Raise
Idaho Prisons Accused of Partnering with Street Gangs
Ikea Profited from East German Slave Labor
Russian Gulag is Back
FEMA Building Forced Labor Camps?
US Corporations that Currently Profit from Prison Labor
Colorado Inmates Work Private Farms for Pennies a Day
Designer Clothes Made by US Prison Slaves?
US Prison Labor Call Centers
American Legislative Council and Forced Labor Camps
Jack Abramoff's Forced Labor Camps
Will US Govt. Nationalize IRAs and 401Ks? (Doubt It)
Pension Guarantee Corp. $26 Billion in Hole?
How Mormon Mafia Plundered Geneva Steel Pensions. And Drockton Got It Back
Derivatives and Pensions in Europe
Death Derivatives and Pension Plans
SEC Fails to Reform Pension/401K Derivatives Risk
One in 5 Pension Plans Report Fraud
Pension Plan Fraud and BNY Mellon
Real Estate Derivatives
Pension Plans and Casino Capitalism
How Derivatives Killed Wisconsin State Pensions
Bank of America. Too Crooked to Fail
Romney's Bain Hurt His Election Chances
What Wall Street Learned from the Mafia
Voter Suppression in Romney's Massachusettes
Consumer Sheeple Prepared for Black Friday
Hewlett Packard takes 8 billion charge
HP Stock Down 12%. PE Unknown
Insider Trading Scam Makes Trader Illegal Millions
Wal-Mart's Not So Made in America Game
Homeland Security Offers Illegals Free Welfare Help
NEW! Drockton Premier Advisory Service
Fiscal Cliff Would Cut Federal Budget by $560 Billion
Drockton. How to Save the American Economy
National Security Costs US Almost $1 Trillion
Illegal Aliens Cost $113 Billion in Entitlements
29% of Federal Spending Comes from Borrowing
Cost of Iraq and Afghanistan
Future Cost of Obamacare
Romneycare Failure
Romneycare vs. Obamacare
Are Penny Stocks Money Laundering Tools?
Avoid Penny Stocks Like the Plague
Drockton. How They Will Steal Your Pension
JP Morgan's Secret Hedge Fund
50 Shades of Black Friday
Fights Over a $2 Waffle Maker
Beatings Over X-Box
Wal-Mart Walk Out?
Wal-Mart. Low Pay and Hard Work?
Cars With Worst Depreciation
Did Mitt Romney Scam Big Donors?
7 Black Friday Nightmares
Charity Turns Down $2,000 Wal-Mart Donation
Ohio County Sells Tax Liens to Investment Company
Ohio Seeks to Privatize Major Tollway
113 American Citizens Killed in Mexico in 2011
Wal-Mart Protestors in Utah
Poylgamist Cult's Bizarre Secrets Revealed
Shadow Banking's $67 Trillion Industry
Citigroup, Morgan Stanley Sued Over Investment Fraud
10 Worst Insurance Companies in America?
American Red Cross Faces Heavy Criticism
Top 10 Most Wasteful Federal Government Projects
Drockton. Mormon Church Secret Slush Fund Revealed
Sheeple Consume on Black Friday
Thanksgiving Now About Wasting Money on Junk
Mormons Think God Turned Back on Romney
Bank Involvement in Futures Market Reported
Banks Invest Heavily in Commodity Futures
Banks Heavily Manipulate Precious Metals With Options
Mormon Missionary Makes FBI Most Wanted
Alleged Rapist Tied to Romney Campaign Suicided
Utah's Invisible Law Enforcement
Mormon Fraudster Dined with Romney-Bush
Drockton. The Mormon Church Mall and Economic Collapse
Mormon Church Owned Website Advocates for Homosexuals
Wal-Marts Globalist Sweat Shops
Union Workers Make $4 More Per Hour
Labor's Decline and Wage Inequality
GOP Defends Marianasí Sweatshops
$3.05 an hour and the Mariana Sex Industry
Drockton. Black Friday and US Slave Labor
Mormon Cyanide Murder and Disposable Illegals
Mormon Cyanide Murder and Mormon Church
Mormon Cyanide Murder and LF Rothschild
Mormon Congressman and Jack Abramoff
Yes, This Story Is True. Paul Drockton
Mormon Mafia Built Las Vegas Gambling Empire
Mormon Bank Financed 80% of Casinos
How Mormons Took Vegas from the Mob
Bob Maheu, Ousted by Mormon Mafia
Documents Linked Romney to Mormon Vegas
Labels Link Wal-Mart to Sweat Shop Fire
Aircraft Carrier Latest Addition to Chinese Navy
Samsung's 16 Hour Workday
Every Nuclear Explosion Since 1945
Troubling 2013 Tax Changes
How Wall Street Killed the Twinkie
Taxpayers Get Strapped With Hostess Pensions
Pension Guarantee Corp. Short $34 Billion
How Hostess Execs Screwed the Company
Hostess Pension Plan Had $111 Million in Liabilities
Derivatives Have Regulators on the Run
Derivative Bets a Threat to Global Pensions
JP Morgan Peddles its Derivatives to Pensions
How to Hide Derivative Exposure
Whats $228 Trillion Among Friends?
Drockton. SLV, GLD, ETFs and Toxic Derivatives
Drockton. Mormon Church Slush Fund and Fraud
Liberty is First Casualty of War
Hamilton on Confederacies
Trotsky and Permanent War
The Great American Cash-Out
Insider Trading Report
Insider Selling
Large Stock Sell-off Report
SEC Insider Trading Enforcement Actions
Hostess Execs Seek Bonuses for Bankrupting Company
Insurance Companies STILL Playing Derivatives Game
Derivatives are 20 Times the Global Economy
Agenda 21 for Public Officials
Streets that Need a Name Change
Lowest Unemployment by State (Govt. Stats)
Real Unemployment at 41%?
Shadow Stats Unemployment at 25%
Great Depression Unemployment  8.7% - 24%
46,700,000 Americans on Food Stamps
Average Hourly Wage for Manufacturing by Country
Average Length of Job in US is 4 Years
Largest US Employers
Job Satisfaction Stats
Minimum Wage by State
Drockton. Patriotism vs. Globalism
Texting While Truck Driving Increases Accident Risk by 2300%
Corporate Fraud Cases Double Since 2005
1 MIllion Gang Members in US
13,636 Real Homocides in United States in Year
Child will see 200,000 TV Violent Acts by age 18
Television Sells Deviant Sex, Not Marriage
How to Use a V-Chip
Prom Night Statistics
Homosexuality Promoted on more 2012 TV programs
GLEE Promotes Teen Homosexuality
Drockton. Tavistock and False Prophecies
Drockton. Christian Ministers and Freedom
Nations Meet to Discuss Internet Censorship
Wall Street Gives Up Sacrificial Lamb to FBI
Wealthiest Got Biggest Tax Break from Bush
Senate Clamps Down on Govt Employees Political Donations
China Surpasses US as Global Trader
Moron Bob Costas Uses NFL Game for Gun Control
Next Up. Bow and Arrow Control
Chinese Buying Up Aussie Gold
IMF Seeks to Prevent Coming Dollar Dump
Another Government Shutdown Soon?
Drockton. 911 Put Options Predicted Event
Drockton. Mormon Inc. Changes to Red Ink
Change in Veteran's Gun Rights Ahead?
Executives Plunder Companies Before Bankruptcy
Physical Gold Trumps Mining Stocks
5 Year Stock Performance by Sector
Interest Rate Risk a Big Concern
2012. Year of the ETF Closure
The World of Closed Fund Filings
Funds Lost up to Half Their Assets
Over 40% of State Pension Plans Underfunded
List of Corporate Credit Ratings
Fiscal Cliff Causes Republican Infighting
Yes Virginia, There is a Jesus
Satanic Outrage at Newscaster who said "No Santa"
Teacher to kids. No Satan Claus
Austin Teacher Exposes Satan Claus
Canadians Arrest Man for Exposing Truth of Satan Claus
O'Henry. 'The Gift of the Magi' (Part 1)
O'Henry. 'The Gift of the Magi' (Part 2)
Handel: Messiah, For unto us a Child is born
All we like Sheep have gone astray (Messiah) - Handel
Handel - Messiah "He was despised" Alfred Deller
Drockton. Plato, Gnosticism and Christianity
Keating 5 Exposed Myth of Regulation
Drockton. Federal Reserve Caused Collapse
Savings and Loan Crisis and FSLIC
Money Supply and Monetarism
Gold and Silver Money = NO Inflation
Bank of America Dumped $54 Trillion Exposure on FDIC
Romney Solution. Let Banksters Govern
FDIC Reported Over 40 Banks Failed in 2012 (so far)
$250,000 FDIC Coverage Means Nothing When Dollar Tanks
What FDIC Does not Cover
Other Bank Investments Not Covered by FDIC
Prudential Loses $618 Million to Derivatives Scam
Met-Life Lost $1.98 Billion in First Quarter 2012
Berkshire Lost $700 Million in 2nd Quarter (Derivatives)
U.S. Govt. Sells more of its AIG Stock
Radian Profits Down 92% on Derivatives Losses
NY Times Admits Credit Default Swaps DO Exist
Insurance Industry Faces Derivatives Chernobyl
Romney Continues  "I Am a Loser"  Tour
Farmers Insurance Still Playing Derivatives Games
Fiscal Cliff Update
A Clear Channel Christmas
Drockton. Insurance Companies Derivatives Exposure
China Buying Up World's Gold Supply
India Increases Demand for Gold
Mexican Gold Rush
Gold at $1713 Oz., Silver at $33.30
The High Price of Fed Dollar Depreciation (Oppenheimer Funds)
Republicans Ready to Sell-Out Middle Class
Communist China Bought Idaho
Communist China Buys AIG Plane Unit
QE4 Looming and Morons Buying US Bonds
How Communist China Controls Panama Canal
How Communist China Controls Shipping
Tiger Hedge Fund to Plead Guilty to Fraud
Russia to Repatriate $1 Trillion in Foreign Investments
Fed's New Plan to Trash the Dollar
Obama Wants 1.4 Trillion more from Upper Middle Class
Impotent Unions Lose Another Round in MI
The "Storage Wars" Deception
2,000 Year Old 10 Commandments Doc.
Fiscal Cliff Threatens State Budgets
Update: Fiscal Cliff Negotiations
Congress to Stay in Session Until Deal?
WalMart employees at $8.81 per Hour
Fed Will Raise Rates if Inflation is Over 2.5%
Mutual Funds Don't Have to Disclose Derivatives Exposure
Fiscal Cliff: Boehner Offers No Hope
Wholesale Inventories Rise
Pimco Boss Lies About Fed Bond Buy Costs
Union Workers Make More than Non-Union
Bureau of Labor Report on Unions
Union Membership Advantages
Labor Decline and Wages
Effect of Right to Work Laws
National Right to Work Website
Public Service is Very Profitable in California
Bank Robber in Mask not REAL Mitt Romney?
Media Banned Video on 2013 Stock Market Collapse goes Viral
2013 Stock Market Losses Could Reach 90%
How B of A Targets Insurance Company Funds
How Washington Screwed up Social Security
Number of US  Living on  $2 per Day up 130%
Bible Condemns Those who Screw their Employees
Lessons from the Amana Colonies
The Mormon United Order
Emotional Appeal for Gun Control is Targetting Women
Sandy Hook Principal Installed New Security System
Obama Wastes Little Time Calling for Gun Control
Lone Shooter fires est 280 Bullets in 3 Minutes?
Westboro Baptists Psyop Draws Fire to Real Christians
Mormon Prophet Saw Obama Disarm Americans for Russia
Nazi Gun Law that Disarmed Germany
Satanists Include Suicides in Firearm Deaths. Japan Rate Higher
Map Shows How Guns Save Lives
Real Japan vs. USA Statistics on Guns
Death Penalty is Japanese Deterrent
Columbine Victim Unlawfully Silenced in Psych Ward?
Famous Quotes on Right to Bear Arms
School Violence Linked to Big Pharma Drugs
Petition to White House to Protect 2nd Amendment
Mass Murderers and Gun Control
Stalin Murdered 62 Million UNARMED Russians
Pol Pot Murdered 1/3 of Unarmed Cambodians
40 Million Unarmed Chinese Mass-Murdered by Mao
Ida Amin Murdered Hundreds of Thousands of Unarmed Ugandans
Fidel Castro Murdered Tens of Thousands of Unarmed Cubans
Homicide Rates in Various Countries
Ct. Mass Murderer an Illuminati Bankster's Child?
Psychiatrists Will Help Steal Gun Rights
Sandy Hook Predicted by Batman Movie?
11,000 Gun Homicides in the US per year
36,000 Suicides in US Annually
34,000 Drug Deaths (Prescription/Non Prescription)
400,000 Tobacco Related Deaths in US per year
75,000 Alcohol Related Deaths Annually in US
11 Million Auto Related Accidents in US per Year
Lives Saved by Armed Americans
Pastor Stops Burglar with Prayer & Smith/Wesson
Ban Satanism, Not the Bill of Rights
Police Claim Can't Restore Satanist Hard Drive
Police Should Call This Data Recovery Firm
NRA Prepared to Sell-Out Gun Owners?
Drockton. Laurel Canyon and MK Ultra
Drockton. MK-Ultra and 911
Drockton. Mass Murder and the Occult
Drockton. MK Ultra and the Perfect Soldier
Drockton. Obama's Communist Roots
Profile of Peter Lanza on Linked-In
Profile of Robert Holmes
Martial Law in Pargould, Arkansas
Gun Control Facts. Not Wanted. Not Needed
Open Carry Israel has 50% less Murders Than US
Communist N. Korea. No Guns & 500% More Homicides Than US
What Happened to 2nd Shooter????
90% of Released Murderers will Kill/Injure Again
Stop Murders. Stop Illegal Immigration
Assault Weapons Ban a Dismal Failure
Chinese Slave Laborer Sends Plea for Help?
US Hits Debt Limit 12/31/12
Toyota to Pay out 1 Billion for Car Defects
Monster Storm Savages N.E. US
Utah Prefers Armed Teachers Over Armed Guards
Christmas Retail Sales Off on Economy Concerns
90% of US Households Face Tax Increase
US Senate Tries to Usurp Fiscal Powers from House
Maoists for Obama and other US Communists
Romney's 5 Steps of Being a Loser. Step 2-Denial
Mormon Church owned Website Endorses Gun Control
Petition to Impeach Sen Feinstein for Attacking 2nd Amendment
Feinstein Wants ALL your guns.
Feinstein Ignores Fast & Furious Scandal
Fast & Furious Armed Criminals who Killed
Drug Cartel Got Weapons from ATF
Civil Disobedience Solution to Unjust Laws
Govt. Will Use Mercenaries for Gun Confiscation
Foreign Mercenaries Caused American Revolution
French Revolution and the Freemasons
Gun Confiscation After Katrina
Battle of Lexington/Concord Over Gun Confiscation
What the Fiscal Cliff Really Means
Is a Deal Possible?
Will Stock Market Crash Either Way?
What is Peak Oil?
The North Dakota Oil Boom
6 Figure Jobs in North Dakota
22,000 Job Openings in North Dakota
North Dakota Climate
North Dakota History
Job Service of North Dakota
Tax Credits in North Dakota
Fiscal Cliff Deal By 1/1/13?
Republicans and Democrats Both Tools of Elite
Obamanation Will Steal Your Guns
Banksters Don't Want Fiscal Cliff Resolution
S&P 500 PE Ratios Continue to Climb
Dollar Index at 79, Euro at 132
Bond Market Overview. Prime at 3.25%
Silver Climbing Upwards
Gold Pricing Higher as well
Latest Corporate Earnings Reports
Economic Calendar
Fiscal Cliff Deal a Disaster
Here's the Fiscal Cliff Deal
Dollar Decline Accelerates
Gold Rises $15, Silver Up $1 per Ounce
Beware the Sucker's Rally in Stocks
Equity Markets on Death Watch
Debt and Spending. The Real Fiscal Cliff
Cliff Deal adds $4,000,000,000,000 New Debt
Deal Raises Taxes on 77% of US Citizens
Corporate Media Tries to Put Lipstick on Pig
Illegals Remain Unaffected. Enjoy Free Ride
Why People Don't Trust Banks
How Retailers Herd the Sheeple
Media Buzzwords to Provoke Terror. Assault Weapon
10 Resolutions Successful People Keep
Cliff Deal Lowers Tax Deductions/Exemptions
Two Months Until Debt Crisis Hits
Coming Drone Attack on American Citizens
Judge Approves of Drone Attacks on US Citizens?
RIP Posse Comitatus Act
RIP Rights of Due Process
Hello Martial Law
[Most Recent Quotes from www.kitco.com]
Bond Market & Interest Rates
Current US Stock Indexes 
Dollar and Other Currencies 
Commodities & Futures
2013 Economic Calendar
Corporate Earnings Calendar
Market Reports
Stock Futures
Moody's Threatens US Credit Rating
US Govt. States Unemployment at 7.8%
Shadow Stats at 23% Real Unemployment
Shadow Stats Inflation Close to 10%
Consumer Inflation now at 10%?
Consumer Price Index Excludes Higher Taxes?
California Unemployment at 9.8% (US Govt.)
Both Unemployment and Victim Vulnerability Affect Crime
Veteran Tells Feinstein to 'Kiss Off' on Gun Control
Largest Insurers in the United States
Zurich Estimates Sandy Losses at $700 Million
Debt Ceiling Debate Begins...
Beware of Rising Interest Rates
Alt. Media to Bring Justice in Ohio Rape Case?
Mom Uses Gun to Defend 5 Kids
FDIC Failed Bank List through 2012
Big List of Gunhaters in America
Dems Want Trillion More in Taxes
Secret and Lies of the Govt. Bailouts
What the Mob Taught Wall Street
Gays New Attack on Religious Freedoms
Rich Dad Poor Dad Author Praises Silver
Gawker's John Cook Publishes Gun Owners of New York List
Cook's Personal Info Published on Social Media
83.5% of New York Gun Crimes from Out of State Weapons
New York Gang sold Guns Through Tattoo Parlors
Canada's Hidden Problem with Black Market Guns
Columbia's Failed Gun Control Laws
Rockefeller. Less Guns, More Drugs?
The Twisted Dreams of the Rockefeller Foundation
EU Set to Ban Cash Transactions Over 500 Euros
Everbody Makes Money but the Players in NCAA
US Spends More on Defense tha China, Russia and Other combined
*New. Deep Discounts on Bodybuilding Supplements!
Homeowners Should Sue Gun Listers
Euthanasia Agenda. Kill Yourself Just Because.
Just Another Hollywood Freak Show
Obama. Raise the Debt Ceiling
Fed Sending Inflationary Signals
Obama Admits Debt Crisis Will Tank Markets
How Low will Apple Stock Go?
Margin at All-Time High in Stock Market.
1920s Hollywood Corruption
Hollywoods Modern Corruption of Decency
Violent Television Creates Violent Citizens
Mormon Mafia. The Gift That Keeps on Giving
Harry Reid Denies Bribery Allegations
Drockton Exposed Political Scheme Over a Year Ago
Reid/Swallow Scammer Got Utah Humanitarian Award
Drockton Sued Mormon Mafia for Civil Rights Violations
Bribery in Utah Appears to Be Business as Usual
Mormon Church Leader Used Position to Abuse Boys
Child Sex Abuse and Mormon Political Donors
Mormon Youth Deaths and the Money Trail
Obama Issues 23 NEW Executive Gun Orders
New. Numismatics $3 Gold Piece
US $3 Gold Piece History
Who is Your Financial Advisor? Experience Matters
Silver Bullion IRAs
Gold Bullion IRAs
Drockton. Why Your Stock Broker Can't Help You
Drockton. Stock Market Always Corrects to Value
Stock Earnings Reports. 1/13/13 through 1/19/13
Earnings Reports Down on Average
PE Ratios Continue to Rise...
What IS the Dollar Index?
Drockton. Federal Reserve Caused Credit Crisis
Rare Coins. $20 Saint Gaudens List
History of $20 Saint Gaudens (Double Eagle)
China Facing Massive Debt Default
Morgan Stanley Cuts 360 Jobs
Fed Issues Statement About Overheated Markets
1:32 Homes in Florida in Foreclosure/Default
Citigroup Admits Destroying Shareholder Capital
Total Consumer Debt Over $10 Trillion in US
Foreclosure Map Shows Deeper Issues
$8.5 Billion Bankster Foreclosure Settlement
India Panicking Over Run to Gold
Currency Wars is Race to the Bottom
Goldman. $1825 Gold from Debt Ceiling Fight
Russia Ready to Trash its Cash
US MINT Out of Silver
Bulgarian Assassination Attempt a Hoax
Gunless Teenager Forced to Use Knife Against Rapist
Utah Sheriffs Will Not Confiscate Guns
Pro-Gun Rallies a Huge Success
Silver Shortages are Here
The Dismal Failure of Price Controls
Inflation and Price Controls
Price Controls Lead to Shortages
Price Controls in Wake of Hurricane Sandy
Drockton. Inflation and Economic Collapse
Drockton. The Coming Silver Shortage
Las Vegas and Underground Cities
Ray Lewis. Great American Hero?
Bode Miller. American Role Model?
Global Warming Leads to Freezing Temps
Gold and Silver Bullion Coins
New York City Prepares for Riots?
Obama the Gun Lover. (Yeah Right)
Bill of Rights, the Forgotten Document?
Bloomberg the Wealthy Republican Hypocrite on Guns
Senate Wants Citizenship for 11 Million Illegals
DA Refused to Prosecute Ramsey Parents
Pope's Dove of Peace Attacked by Seagull
Outsourced Europe's Unemployment Crisis
Pending Home Sales in US Down 4.3%
Republican Mormon Scandal in Utah Leads to Harry Reid
Drockton Exposed Scandal in 2011
Canada Rationing Silver Sales
USGS Gold Mineral Survey 2013 (USA)
US Silver Production Continues its Decline
Silver Mining in the United States
US Depletes its Strategic Silver Stockpiles
US Mint Sells 1.123 Million Ounces Silver in ONE day!
GLOBAL Silver Production Only 761 Million Ounces Year
Global Demand Over 861 Million Ounces & Rising
Switzerland Wants its Gold Back from Fed
Global Silver Demand and Supply in 2012
Al-CIAduh Threatens New False Flags
Russia Condemns Israel Attack on Syria
France is Bankrupt, out of money.
US Jobless Claims Rise 38,000
World's Biggest Bond Fund - "World Economy Out of Time."
S&P 500 Due for 75% Corrrection
Privatization, Mercenaries and Fascism
Mercenaries Take Over Afghan War for US
US Mercenaries and Mexico 
Mercenaries Used Against US Citizens in New Orleans
Hessian Mercenaries Caused American Revolution
Whitehouse Warns Against Photoshopping Obama Gun Pic.
Whitehouse Should Read 1st Amendment
No Freedom of Religion for Christian Oregon Baker
Homosexuals and Pedophilia. Preying on Our Children
Mormon Church Cave-in to Homosexuals Remembered
Mormon Church's Sodomite Priesthood Appointment
How Many Illegals Live in Your State?
What Goes for Art Nowadays
Why New York State is Running Out of Milk
Do Coke and Pepsi Fear Sodastream?
Superbowl Ads Collection. All in One Place
Globalist Shills Try to Justify US Citizenship Giveaway
Drockton. How Mexico Treats Illegals
Drockton. Mormon Church's Conflict Over Illegals
Drockton. Mormon Cyanide Murders & Disposable Illegals
Scientologies $8 Million Superbowl Gamble
Why Americans Hate the Media
Americans Targeted in Peru
Richard III. Conspiring Tyrant
Quotes About Tyranny
MASSIVE Bet Placed AGAINST Bank Stocks 
Yale Economist Argues Against Real Estate Investments
Trade Deficits Expose Globalist Lies
50 Best Employers in America
Two  Feet of Snow for US Northeast?
Stock Market Crash is Imminent?
Greece: How Strikes Paralyze a Country
PIMCO: US on Road to Extinction
Russian Gold Purchases = 3x Weight of Statue of Liberty
Pope Benedict Resigns
Google Pushes "The Chip" for logins
British Pension Insurer. Only 12 Billion in Assets
US Pension Insurer. $34 Billion Deficit
Another Scientology Horror Story?
American Retirement Accounts at Risk?
"To Get Gold, They Will Have to Kill Us All"
Cruise Ship Fiasco a Study in Total Systemic Collapse
Hedge Fund Consolidation on Horizon
Barclays to Cut 3700 Jobs
Worst CEOs of 2012
Derivatives Manager Quitting at PIMCO
Bank of New York Mellon Takes $850 Million Charge
North Korea Right on Time as US Considers Defense Cuts
Justifiable Homicide? Father Shoots Killer of His 2 Sons
Google Pays Apple 1 Billion to be its Search Engine?
Facebook Faces Another Downgrade
Mormon Church Fails to Challenge Gays in Scouting
What is a Trust?
What is a Trustee?
What is a Beneficiary of a Trust?
Income Tax Rules for Trusts
1041 Income Tax Return form for Trusts
Revocable Living Trusts & Probate
What is Trust Fraud?
Revocable Living Trusts. What Are They?
How Are Trusts Taxed?
What is an Irrevocable Living Trust?
How Living Trusts Go Wrong... Part 1
Global Depression Worsens as GDP Falls Around the World
Three Hints of a Stock Market Sell-off
Drockton Right Again? Sequestration to Cause Correction?
Buffet Valuation Shows Correction Forming?
REIT's Struggle to Show Value...
Beware of "Easy Money" in Stock Market
Goldman Advised Clients to Sell Heinz...to them!
Hiding Inflation in Watered Down Products
The New Airline Monopoly?
This is What Hungry Party Monsters Look Like?
Russian Nukes over Guam
Worthless Euro at 18 month high against Dollar
Euro Resumes its Fall...
Most Obamacare Laws Go Into Effect in 2014.
The 20 Franc Gold Piece
26 States Opt Out of Obamacare
British Gold Sovereign
Canadian Gold Maples
Canada Family Planning Decimates Population
To Roth IRA or Not Roth IRA
US Govt. Budget Cuts Start March 1
Offshore Banks Must Report Precious Metals Holdings
Gold Reporting Requirements?
Death by Insect Drone?
The Great Silver Shortage of 2013
One Ounce Silver worth $1218 to Romans
Bob Chapman. Why US Govt. Shorts Silver/Gold
17% Cuts in Military Budget Will Cause This? Fear Tactic?
Outrage. South Korea Only Spends 2.7% of GDP on Defense
Starving N Korea a Credible Military Threat?
N. Korea spends 5 Billion per year on Military.
N. Koreans Resort to Cannibalism
N. Korea's Communist Paradise & Slavery
US Military Sunk $77 Billion into one Jet Concept
Pentagon was missing 2 TRILLION Dollars on 9/11
Drockton Right Again. Stock Market Correction Used to Stop Budget Cuts.
Banksters Continue Massive Naked Shorts to Steal Your Gold & Silver/ Keep People in Falling Stocks and Bonds
Bankster Schizophrenia: When Stocks Fall its Time to Buy. When Gold Falls its Time to Sell?
Our Silver & Gold Products That Are Still Available (Until They Sell Out!)
Our Governments Addiction to Expensive Guns. 718 Billion on Defense of Globalist Systems and Central Banks. Only 7% spent on Veterans and Federal Retirees. Only $100 Billion spent on paying troops.
Highest Paying Jobs are with the Federal Government. Workers Make Twice that of State and Local Govt. Employees.
Why We Have 45,000 Troops in Korea. To Protect Globalist Businesses that Have Left the US for Cheaper Labor, but still sell their products in the US.
Free Trade Agreement with South Korea Screws US Workers.
70,000 US Troops Still in Europe.
Obama Announces Free Trade Agreement with Europe in State of Union Address. Kicks More US Workers to the Curb.
Chinese Not That Stupid. Place Tariffs on US Cars
China Calls Free Trade What it is. Destruction of Domestic Industries.
US lost 700,000 Jobs Because of NAFTA Free Trade Agreement.
Boston Tea Party was Result of England Dumping Tariff Protection for Colonies
Anatomy of a 2013 Bank Failure... NOVA Bank Cost FDIC  $91.2 Million
10 FDIC Bank Closures in January 2013.
Bernanke Claims Massive Money Printing Kept Inflation Under 2%
States Higher Rates Good for Economy....
10 Year Wheat Prices Show Massive Inflation...
Gasoline Prices Tripled in Last 10 Years
New Car Costs More Than Doubled....
Real Estate Values in a Death Spin.... thanks to Central Banksters. No Inflation Here. Is this how they keep reported inflation numbers down?
Mormon Utah City Keeps MIllions in Caymens. State Treasurer Says Normal in UTah?!
Should Patriots Divest From US Stock Market?
Globalist Corporations That Make Up S&P 500
3M, a Portrait in Globalism
3M CEO, Company Before Country?
3M Dumps Retirees Health Care
3M Invests In Communist China
3M Supports Radical Gay Agenda
3M Scandal Nets CEO Knighthood?
3M and ALEC
ALEC and Privatization
3M and State Political Money
1924 MS 62 Saint Gaudin & Appreciation
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IRS Rules for 401K Withdrawals from Current Employer
Minimum Distribution Rules at Retirement from a Qualified Plan
IRS Hardship Withdrawal Rules from a 401K Plan
Hurricane Sandy Hardship Withdrawals
More on Hardship Withdrawals
More on 401K Programs
Republican House Votes to Keep Govt. Operating
AIG Back in the Mortgage Business
How to Cut $1 Trillion from Pentagon Budget
Average 401K Plan Worth $77,000
Roth 401K Programs...
Drockton Right Again! Fed Stress Test Shows Big Banks are Only a Few Percentage Points From Receivership
"To receive this benefit (Fed Deposit Insurance), member banks must follow certain liquidity and reserve requirements. Banks are classified into five groups according to their risk-based capital ratio:

Well capitalized: 10% or higher

Adequately capitalized: 8% or higher

Undercapitalized: less than 8%

Significantly undercapitalized: less than 6%

Critically undercapitalized: less than 2%

When a bank becomes undercapitalized the FDIC issues a warning to the bank. When the number drops below 6% the FDIC can change management and force the bank to take other corrective action. When the bank becomes critically undercapitalized the FDIC declares the bank insolvent and can take over management of the bank."
New STRICTER Banking Rules Would Permit 3% Reserve Ratio for Bankster Debts?!?
Naked Shorts by 17 Banks in Futures Market now over  116 million ounces of Paper silver?!  15 Million Paper Ounces of Gold?!
15 Banks Shorting additional 10 Million Paper Ounces of Gold through Options. 40 Million Ounces of Paper Silver!?
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Lipstick on a Pig. Pornstars Without Makeup.
Average Teen Spends 1 Hour & 40 Minutes Per week on Porn
How Adult Americans Spend Their Leisure Time
Stats About the $100 Billion Porn Industry
Mormon Utah Leads Nation in Pornography Use
States with Most Registered Sex Offenders
Mormon Utah 8th in Nation for Registered Sex Offenders
Sex Workers High Violent Death Rate. A Study.
Not So Happy Hookers Have High Suicide Rate, Miserable Life
Why Women Should Oppose Prostitution
Exxon-Mobil Most Capitalized Stock in S&P 500
Both Exxon & Mobil Were/Are? Rockefeller Companies
Exxon-Mobil Stockholders
History of Standard Oil & John Rockefeller
Exxon Mobil Political Donations
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Is Eurozone the 4th Reich?
Italy Wealth Confiscation Up Next?
Or Will Spain Get Looted After Cyprus?
Portugal Also a Target....
Gold Sovereigns: .235 Troy Oz Gold Bullion
Cyprus Triggers Run on Gold
Poor Pay 30% More for Goods & Services
Historic Inflation Calculator
Canadians Prepare for Bank Confiscation
Everything You Have in the Bank Can Be Confiscated. Including Your Safety Deposit Box
FDIC Says Not to Worry... You will Get Access.
Gold Confiscation 1932 & Safety Deposit Boxes
Safety Deposit Box Confiscation Today
Safety Deposit Boxes and the Patriot Act
Gold Sovereigns: .235 Troy Oz Gold Bullion
What Happened to Plundered Incas Gold?
Coins from the Old Lima Mint
S&P 500 & Bank Stocks Tank. Beginning of the End for Wall Street?
Naked Bank Shorts Pressure Gold and Silver
Gold Shortage Begins....
COMEX Holdings Erode...
Depository Approved Silver Rounds.
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Status of World's Nuclear Missiles
Size of World's Conventional Military Forces
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It Never Ends... Boys in Girl's Locker Rooms Law
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California to Allow SheScouts as Well?
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Founding Fathers Were anti-Globalist Free Trade
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Mormon Church Refuses to Leave Scouting Over Openly Gay Scouts Decision
Gays Threatened Mormon Church Tax Exemption
STDs on the Rise in Mormon Utah
HIV Cases Also on Rise....
Not All Churches Cave to Psychopaths
So Much for Due Process... Accusations Enough to Confiscate Online Currency Company and $6 Billion Dollars
The 5th Amendment... Govt. can't take stuff without Due Process (Grand Jury Indictment and Trial by Jury of Peers)
"No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation." (US Constitution 5th Amendment)
What a Cashless Society Really Needs... The Mark
Verichip and the Mark...
Shades of 2008 as Japanese Yen Starts Its Decline
Nikkei Falls 735 Points
US Bonds...The Biggest Bubble of All?
Recovery? Americans Lost $16 Trillion in Wealth in 2007-08. Only regained 45%
Obamacare Won't Help Replace Wealth....
Banksters Gave Away 29.6 Trillion to Their Buddies in Bailout Scams
Plenty of Money for Illegals
Eurozone at 12.2% Unemployment and Rising
Moron that Mailed Ricin Makes Bloomberg the Gun Grabber Look like a Martyr.
Bankster Central: The Corporation of the City of London
Gold Fell 30%, Silver 20% in 1920 Weimar Republic. Then SOARED
Jan. 1920
Silver 84 (German Marks)
Gold 1,340 (German Marks)

May 1920
Silver 60  (-24 Marks)
Gold 966 (-367 Marks)

Sept. 1921
Silver 80
Gold 2,175

Jan. 1922
Silver 249
Gold 3,976

May. 1922
Silver 375
Gold 6,012

Sept. 1922
Silver 1899
Gold 30,381

Jan. 1923
Silver 23,277
Gold 372,447

May. 1923
Silver 44,397
Gold 710,355

June 5, 1923
Silver 80,953
Gold 1,295,256

July 3, 1923
Silver 207,239
Gold 3,315,831

Aug. 7, 1923
Silver 4,273,874
Gold 68,382,000

Sept. 4, 1923
Silver 16,839,937
Gold 269,429,000

Oct. 2, 1923
Silver 414,484,000
Gold 6,631,749,000

Oct. 9, 1923
Silver 1,554,309,000
Gold 24,868,950,000

Oct. 16, 1923
Silver 5,319,567,000
Gold 84,969,072,000

Oct. 23, 1923
Silver 7,253,460,000
Gold 1,160,552,662,000

Oct. 30, 1923
Silver 8,419,200,000
Gold 1,347,070,000,000

Nov. 5, 1923
Silver 54,375,000,000
Gold 8,700,000,000,000

Nov. 13, 1923
Silver 108,750,000,000
Gold 17,400,000,000,000

Nov. 30, 1923
Silver 543,750,000,000
Gold 87,000,000,000,000
One Gallon of Gasoline Cost $1.34 in 2003. Now Same Gallon Costs $3.50.

No Inflation Here Says US Govt. (261% Increase or 26.1% Annualized Inflation)
Current Gasoline Costs by State
Big Mac went from $2.50 to $4.33 since 2003.  (That's 7.3% Annual Inflation)
Satanic Psychopathic Globalists Blame Higher Food Prices on Population Growth, not declining currencies
Overpopulation is a Satanic Psychopathic Globalist Lie
Drockton Explains Eugenics Agenda
Judgement Watch:
7/8/13: Toronto Flood. 4 inches of rain in one day beats old record of 1.4 inches in 2008.
7/9/13: First US Bound Tropical Storm/Hurricane of Year forms
7/19/13: Attack of the Rare Black Jellyfish
The Dramatic Increased Frequency of Earthquakes
Almost Half of US in Drought
MERS Virus has 50% Kill Rate
New Livestock Virus Could Wipe Out Pork Industry in US
FDIC Scam. Only has cash for 1.35% of Insured Deposits
25 Bank Failures so far in 2013
Bloomberg Concedes that Drockton is Right on Derivatives Exposure
"JPMorgan Chase NA, the insured depositary arm of New York-based JPMorgan, held $70 trillion of the lenderís total $71 trillion notional value derivatives contracts at the end of March, according to OCC data. Citibank NA held all $58 trillion of Citigroup contracts. Bank of Americaís lending unit held $45 trillion of the firmís $61 trillion.

Morgan Stanley Bank NA had just $3 trillion of the firmís $47 trillion total. Holding the bulk at the parent, with its lower capital requirement, might help New York-based Morgan Stanley as it has the lowest Basel leverage ratio among the largest U.S. banks, according to six analyst estimates compiled by Bloomberg. Those range from 3.6 percent to 4.6 percent."
Allstate Insurance to STOP Selling Annuities! Interest Rate Hikes/Derivatives will kill off General Fund Assets?
Busted Again. JP Morgan Fixing Energy Futures?
Scottrade: Higher Interest Rates and Your Bond Portfolio
How the Bond Market Crash will Affect You.
Discounted Bonds for Everyone!
Corporate Bonds Getting Crushed...
Consumer Lending Rates Rising...
States Pension Plans Underfunded by more than $1.4 Trillion
Detroit to Cut Pensions?
Harrisburg sells of History to Raise Money...
Miami Cuts Fire Service...
Argentina Confiscated IRAs and 401Ks in 2008...
Pension Confiscation Discussed in U.S. in 2012
Goldman Made 5 Billion Manipulating Aluminum?
25 Detroit Facts That Make You Wonder How They Lasted This Long...
Putting Lipstick on a Pig. What Wall Street Considers High-Grade Debt
Moody's Places AIG one step above Junk
Morgan Stanley No Better...
The Truth About High-Yield Bonds (Junk)
Bond Ratings Revisited....
Official Unemployment Rates by State....
Money Supply Explained....
Real Unemployment Rates
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Rain-Soul: Ingredients
Black Cumin- Anti-Inflamatory/Anti-Pain
D-Ribose: Energy at the Cellular Level
Black Raspberry Seed: Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Bacterial, Pro-CardioVascular
Grape Seed for Brain Health & Cognitive Function
Rain-Soul Science
"Rain-Soul has helped me overcome the chronic pain from my life-threatening car accident and improved my health dramatically. I have lost over 120 lbs and now can do 2 hours of cardio AND one hour of weight training while living a pain free life again." (Paul A Drockton M.A.)
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Is The Arctic the next target for development?
Arctic Oil Still Decades Away?
Big Green Radicals & the EPA
The Big Money Behind the Environmentalist Movement
Big Money Behind the Anti-Oil Sands Movement
Immigration Bills Back on the Menu
Founding Fathers Ignored in Immigration Debate
Illegals Taking American Jobs
Utah Compact With Illegals
Mercantilism & the American Revolution
Causes of American Revolution
Committees of Correspondence
The Gaspee Affair
Boston Port Act
Administration of Justice Act
Massachusetts Government Act
Quartering Act
Quebec Act
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